Wine Storage Flemington, Melbourne

Wine Storage Units & Solutions Flemington, Melbourne

  • Our storage  units range in size  from 3m3 to 160m3
  • The  wine storage units are located in the basement of our facility exclusively for the storage of wine
  • Being in a basement the humidity & temperature levels are very consistent.
  • The important part of a basement is that the area is secure, and the temperature is consistently creating an ideal environment for wine storage.
  • Customers can supply their own security padlocks or can buy padlocks from us.
  • The storage facility has CCTV and back to base 24 hr monitoring 7 days per week with staff on site for all opening hours.

Looking for the best wine storage in Flemington or Melbourne? Wine is a valuable and expensive asset, too important to risk being spoiled by poor storage. If you’re looking for wine storage in Melbourne near Citylink, discover the highly experienced wine storage service in Flemington available at Citilinked Self Storage. We can store wine in wooden boxes or on metal racks, providing the ideal environment for long-term wine storage to help it mature to its full potential.

Wine cellar storage is not just for consortiums of collectors. Enthusiasts of all types use our wine storage facilities, while countless Melbourne merchants, restaurants and boutique wineries take advantage of our commercial wine storage services.

Your treasured collection of bottles often represents a story or warm memory. It may be that you first enjoyed it with someone important or met the maker at the vineyard, or it could just be a colourful story about how you acquired it. Ensuring your collection is well stored will also preserve history, and this is very difficult to do at home.

Secure Wine Storage Melbourne

Our wine storage facility in Flemington is fully manned during opening hours and is alarmed with back-to-base security for all after-hours monitoring.

Wine Cellar Storage Melbourne

Suitable Humidity for Wine

Melbourne’s relatively low air humidity can eventually dry out corks and result in bottle leakage. If your wine collection is stored in conditions that are too dry, the cork will shrink and cause leakage. If wine storage conditions are too moist, then the potential for contamination and mould exists.

Another factor to consider is that any spaces in the corks will allow air to enter and oxidise the liquid which also causes problems. Our Flemington wine storage services maintain a moderate humidity level to avoid these problems and assist in providing the optimum conditions for wine cellar storage in Melbourne.

Wine Friendly Temperature

Wine should never be stored in temperatures that are too low as this will inhibit the development of the product. Similarly, storage in temperatures that are too warm will cause overly rapid development of your collection.

Variations in temperature cause corks to expand and contract which leads to oxidation of the liquid. Citilinked is well aware of wine storage permutations and monitors them constantly.

Other Important Factors

Other factors which are ideal to gain the maximum pleasure from your wine cellar storage include:

  • No over-exposure to light
  • No vibration
  • Good, consistent airflow

The Benefits of Proper Wine Bottle Storage

DIY wine storage can be fraught with problems such as temperatures that are too high as well as a lack of security from thieves. Our wine storage company can provide dedicated wine bottle storage in Melbourne, keeping your wine in the best possible condition. With options including a wine storage refrigerator, wine storage cabinet and modular wine racks in Melbourne, you can rely on us to prevent your wine from spoiling, secure them from theft and maximise their value.

The condition in which your collection is stored greatly impacts its development and ultimately your enjoyment. The best thing about our wine storage services in Flemington is that you can access your wine any time you want (within facility operating hours). So if you feel like getting out one of your prize drops for a tasting, you are only a short drive away from our wine storage near Citylink.

The ideal storage solution for your wine collection is a dry and temperate environment, for example, a wine cellar in a basement as it has been this way for hundreds of years. However, not many homes in Melbourne have a cellar and it’s expensive and impractical to try and build one on your property. Living in townhouses and units doesn’t make it any easier! So the solution for your wine is stored in your own personal cellar within our facility. 

At Citilinked Self Storage, you can store a case or two of wine, hundreds of bottles or an entire inventory for your private collection, restaurant, café or bar.

 When you have the right type of storage facility for your wine, it makes sense to buy in bulk and take advantage of discount offers! 

Keeping wine in a temperate environment

Keeping your wine collection in a standard storage unit can be devastating for the quality of your wine. Give it a few months over winter and summer and your wine will be spoilt and undrinkable.

 The single factor that determines the quality of your stored wine is the temperature fluctuations of the environment. That’s why you need to keep your wine in a basement  environment that keeps it perfect for as long as needed. 

At Citilinked Self Storage we ensure that the temperature is always within the required limits for your wine. Whether you’re an amateur wine enthusiast, connoisseur or commercial enterprise, we have an ideal environment for your wine inventory. 

Convenient city location

Citilinked Self Storage is located conveniently on Racecourse Road in Flemington, close to the Citylink, Racecourse and Newmarket Station. We have two drive-in entry areas for parking, making it easy to load or unload your storage items.

 For people living or working in the city and the surrounding suburbs, Flemington is a convenient city location that’s easily accessible. 

Wide range of unit sizes

At Citilinked Self Storage, there’s a wide range of unit sizes so you won’t have any problems storing your wine. We can store anything from a few dozen bottles up to hundreds of cases. 

Our smallest option is a 3 cubic metre storage unit ranging up to a 160 cubic metre storage unit. There are a number of options for your wine collection! If you’re not sure what size unit you need for your wine, just give us a call on (03) 9376 5975 and we’ll help you make the right decision for your needs.

Flexible storage solutions

Citilinked Self Storage prides itself on offering flexible storage solutions to wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs and commercial enterprises. As your wine collection grows, we’re happy to move you onto a larger storage unit. As it reduces we can move you into a smaller unit that optimises your storage needs. Most of our customers, however, increase rather than decrease their wine collections. Customers generally start with a smaller  6 cubic metre storage unit that holds 20 to 30 cases. Trade up to a larger unit as they purchase more wine. 

7-day access

At Citilinked Self Storage, you have 7-day access to your wine. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, you’re always welcome! You can pop in and select a few bottles or even a case or two! 

We’re open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Saturdays and 10.00 am to 3.00 pm on Sundays. 

For all enquiries regarding private or commercial wine storage in Melbourne, call our Flemington office on 03 9376 5975.


How do I store wine in a cellar?

Wherever you store your wine the most important factors are the temperature, humidity and light. A temperate environment in a dark location ensures that your wine doesn’t spoil. A consistent level of humidity ensures that the corks don’t dry out and the labels don’t peel off. If your wine bottles have corks then they should be stored on their sides. If they have screw caps then they can be stored standing up. 

What is the best temperature for red wine storage?

Red wine should be stored in a temperate, cool environment that is between 8oC and 18oC with the optimum at 16oC for long-term storage.

What is the best temperature for white wine storage?

White wine should be stored in a temperate environment that’s set between 8oC and 16oC. Higher temperatures will alter the wine’s acidity and compromise its flavour. 

Why should I keep my wine in a storage facility?

Deciding to keep your wine in a facility is a wise move. That’s because you don’t need to worry about maintaining a temperate environment at your home or business.

 There’s also the problem of space and the right type of storage (racks vs boxes), as well as the security of your wine. With CCTV and 24 hr back to base security, your wine is perfectly safe at Citilinked Self Storage. 

How do I store a sealed bottle of wine?

If the bottle of wine is unopened and corked then store it on its side in a wine rack. If it has a screw lid then you can store it on its side or standing upright, whichever suits your space. These rules apply to both red and white wine.

* Our wine storage facility being in the basement is consistently cool in the winter.  We control any temperature variations through the hot summer months with air conditioning as required.