Secure Document Storage

Offsite Document Storage & Archive Storage Units

Though we’re very much in a digital age where many important documents are kept digitally rather than on paper and in a filing cabinet, the fact remains that hard copy documents do still exist and need to be carefully and securely stored. This applies to such fields as the banking and financial services industries, most government bodies, doctors and health service providers, and many others. If you want to ensure you maintain legal document storage that’s compliant with Australian requirements, Citilinked offers secure offsite document storage in Flemington that helps tidy up your workplace and provides you with easy access when you need it.

A Secure Document Storage Warehouse

Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, lawyer or other professional, Citilinked Self Storage is your trusted provider of commercial secured document storage in Melbourne. With facility in Flemington, we are able to offer:

  • Legal records storage for lawyers
  • Financial record storage for banks and accountants
  • Medical record storage for hospitals, dentists and doctor clinics
  • Plus other document storage services

Our trusted staff know how long your documents legally need to be kept before they can be destroyed, which is why we don’t dispose of any documents or files until we have your authorisation. Any time you need access to a particular hard copy file, we can access that for you from our secure document storage facility.

A Cost-Effective Choice

Our offsite document storage is an excellent cost-effective alternative to storing documents on-site. Not only can you avoid the purchase of costly filing cabinets and furniture, but you’ll have more space on your premises that can be better utilised by your business. Rent per square metre for office spaces can be particularly high, and space taken up by documents can end up costing your business a lot of money over time. When you add up the numbers, it’s plain to see that secure off-site storage is an affordable choice.

The Importance of Storing Documents Securely

At Citilinked Self Storage, we understand that improper storage of important documents can have serious consequences. Fortunately, we can provide safe and secure offsite document storage in Melbourne. Our facilities make it easier and less frustrating to find and retrieve your documents when you need them. In addition, we aim to maintain optimal environmental conditions to preserve your documents for the longest possible time. This includes controlling humidity levels and minimising the spread of dust. As one of the leading document storage companies and medical records storage companies, you can rely on us for medical document storage and much more.

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If you’d like a quote on document storage services from one of the leading providers of safe storage in Melbourne, there’s no better time than now to get in touch with Citilinked Self Storage. Contact us online for more information about our document storage and other services including storage box solutions and secure wine storage services in Flemington.