Storage Boxes Solutions

The most important part about storing your goods is how they are packed. Packing your goods in storage boxes or port-a-robes and using bubble wrap and paper will maintain and protect your goods. Packing your items properly will save you time and ensure your goods are maintained in the best possible condition while stored in our Flemington storage units.

It is also important to properly label all your storage boxes – not only on the top, but on the sides for stacking purposes and ease of access. This makes life easier when unpacking and remembering what was initially packed.

Experts on Storage Boxes

At Citilinked, we pride ourselves on being experts on storage boxes in Melbourne. You can buy storage boxes of any description from us. We cater for air freight boxes, archival boxes, or boxes with handles.

Boxes and Inserts Available Upon Request

Our professional staff are trained to not only provide storage boxes for specific needs, but also to be problem solvers and moving professionals. They can offer advice and solutions to anyone moving house or in need of boxes. This advice also includes goods insurance and tips on packing.

Furniture Storage

We recommend that you take note of the following when considering furniture storage in Melbourne at one of our Flemington facility:

  • Cushions should ideally be wrapped in plastic
  • Clothing and personal goods should be packed in strong secure cartons
  • Where possible, remove the legs from items of furniture
  • Vacuum food crumbs from lounges to prevent attracting vermin and bugs
  • Do not move wardrobes or drawers while they are full. Only fill them when they are in place and fully assembled
  • Furniture should not be placed directly on the floor – use plastic or material to cushion heavy items
  • Place a cover over all furniture, recliners and anything of value
  • Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper to separate them

Make the Most of the Space in Your Storage Boxes

There are ways you can maximise efficiency when it comes to using storage boxes. The way you pack your unit will determine on how much you can fit in. Heavy and large items should be packed first, and then you can stack on top of these. Our Flemington staff have the experience and knowledge to help you maximise your available room when you order storage boxes in Melbourne.

What to Keep in Mind when Packing Your Boxes

Whether you’re packing boxes for moving house or simply storing items, there are numerous things to keep in mind to make sure your items are safe and secure. Our cardboard box suppliers recommend using tape to seal large and small cardboard storage boxes to stop pests and moisture from getting inside and damaging items. You should also avoid overfilling boxes, otherwise they may break while being handled. In addition, we suggest using plenty of protective materials for furniture storage in Melbourne to limit movement and absorb impacts. When you buy storage boxes in Melbourne from us, we can provide quality packing advice and accessories for your peace of mind.

What Cannot Be Stored

Not all items can be stored in our storage boxes in Flemington. Goods that are:

  • Flammable
  • Stolen
  • Explosive
  • Illegal
  • Harmful to others, such as petrol or acids
  • Chlorine
  • Food products

Are unable to be stored.

View our range of other services including renovation storage, real state storage units and business storage units in Melbourne. To order storage boxes in Melbourne, or to learn all about the extent of our services, contact us online or by phone. Call our Flemington office on 03 9376 5975.