Affordable Storage Units

Citilinked Self Storage provides storage units in Melbourne for short or long term residential or commercial use. We’re committed to helping you keep your belongings and possessions safe and secure in our Flemington storage facilities until such time that you might need them again. If you’re moving house or relocating your business and need to store some workplace belongings in short or medium-term business self-storage, follow these tips to ensure your possessions will remain intact and free of damage.

Cheap and Secure Storage Units for Hire

For fragile items that might only be stored away for a short period, protect them by wrapping individually in butcher’s paper or bubble wrap, and labelling cartons with ‘fragile’. Don’t place fragile cartons at the bottom of business storage units when storing: top-load them only. Books should be packed flat so that the spines don’t collapse, and always in storage boxes specifically designed for book safekeeping.

Look after your clothes by ensuring they are packed clean and with anti-moth solutions in our self– storage clothing and linen bags, port-a-robes or tea chests.

If you plan to use one of our Flemington long-term storage units, we suggest you separate your goods with blankets, cushions, cardboard or bubble wrap. This prevents rubbing and damage from compression over a period of time.

Storage Rental Solutions

It is recommended that you always enclose soft furnishings, especially couches and mattresses, in plastic covers before moving storage in and around Melbourne. The weather is often unpredictable on moving days; plastic covers will ensure that items are protected during transport. We recommend food crumbs and stains be removed from clothing and soft furnishings before placement in storage boxes to avoid bugs and small animal infestations.

Business and Industrial Storage Units

Rental of our Flemington storage units are based per calendar month for as long as you need. You lock your unit and keep the key! It’s your room away from home, or for those looking for commercial storage units, your storeroom away from the office. Moving and storage around Melbourne is no problem for us – we will take the stress out of it for you.

6 Cubic Metres Unit

This unit holds 20-30 average-sized boxes.

10 Cubic Metres Unit

This unit holds a one-bedroom flat.

18 Cubic Metres Unit

This unit can hold up to on average a one to two bedroom flat.

28 Cubic Metres Unit

Ideal size for storing surplus furniture and surplus storage boxes.

60 Cubic Metres Unit

This unit is similar in size to a small single car garage or a four bedroom house.

Small Storage Units (Lockers)

1 Cubic Metre Unit (LOCKERS)

Suitable for small personal items, appliances and 10 x archive boxes.

Choose Us for the Best Storage Units

There are many reasons why you should choose Citilinked Self Storage for self-storage units, some of which include:

  • We offer affordable storage units that are designed to keep your items safe and secure
  • We maintain optimal hygiene and environmental conditions to safeguard your items from dust, moisture, pests and other damaging contaminants
  • We have many different storage unit sizes and rates for you to choose from depending on your specific needs and financial circumstances

Storage Units for Rent

It is very important that you don’t store anything in storage boxes that could attract vermin or bugs to the storage units at our Flemington facility. Food of any description must not be stored – this includes wheat bags, dried flowers, etc.

Fridges, freezers and other white goods should be defrosted, dry and clean before storing. Always move and store your fridge in an upright position, as lying a fridge on its side could cause damage. Keep fridge doors slightly ajar during self-storage, and leave a deodoriser inside to maintain freshness.

You can protect your washing machine while in transit by disconnecting and thoroughly draining the hoses and then securing the drum with the special cap supplied with the purchase of the machine. Place each hose–end in a plastic bag, and then seal the bag tightly with tape, so no water leaks out and damages your goods during transport to our storage units in Melbourne.

To explore all your options regarding residential and commercial storage units, in particular sizes and prices, call our Flemington office on 03 9376 5975.