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About Storage Units and Boxes

Commercial Self Storage in Flemington

Conveniently located in Flemington, Citilinked is a 100 per cent Australian owned family business, boasting one of the first and most established commercial self storage facilities in Flemington, Melbourne. Our storage units are close to the city freeway and public transport.

Our staff have been specialists in moving storage and commercial self storage for many years.

We provide facilities for wine cellar storage in Flemington, which offers a cool and temperate environment.

Our basement wine cellar storage offers a range of unit sizes varying from small to very large – for the hobby collector, to the serious wine connoisseur.

Storage Units in Melbourne and Flemington

The most important part about storing your goods is how they are packed. Packing your goods in boxes or port-a-robes and using bubble wrap, couch, mattress covers and paper will maintain and protect your goods whilst in in our care.

Storage units are an ideal solution for storing all your excess household goods. They are suitable for furniture of all shapes and sizes, including fridges, unused bedroom furniture and extra washing machines. They are also perfect for recreational equipment, and all your seasonal clothing and antiques.

Preparing for the Long Term

Here are some tips you should bare in mind when considering long term commercial self storage and document storage:

Electrical Appliances

Ensure you clean fridges and freezers thoroughly and leave door ajar before storing. Electrical goods, i.e. TVs, Videos, Computers etc. can be stored on top of furniture with a blanket or protective cover to help eliminate dust. Make sure cords are secure and not loose as this may cause damage if they get caught, especially when moving storage from one place to another.


Wardrobes, cupboards, tall boys etc. should be empty for ease of lifting and to minimise the chance of damage to goods when moving. Personal items should be stored in labelled boxes using moth balls etc. for added protection against anything unpleasant.

Glassware, Paintings and Mirrors

Glassware -should be packed in boxes using either bubble wrap or newspaper. For safest results ensure you wrap each item individually and do not squash together. It is important to leave room at the top of boxes for paper and not to overfill – this will lessen your chances of breaking valuable possessions during long term storage.

Mirrors, paintings, portraits etc. should be wrapped in bubble wrap or alternatively a portrait box. For added safety place tape in a cross formation across mirrors and glass to help prevent breakage.

Boxes and Space

The way you pack your unit will determine how much you can fit in. Heavy and large items should be packed in first and then you can stack smaller items on top of these.

Packing in appropriate boxes will give you more stacking ability, whereas using bags will diminish your storage area as they are slippery and prone to breaking.


Storing your important and legally required documents in archive boxes in your office is unsafe and takes up valuable space. Citilinked provides the ideal low-volume self-managed document storage solution in Flemington for your business or personal documents. Our security procedures and protocols have ensured we have never had a security breach.

Doctors, dentists, architects, lawyers and security companies all use our storage units for the safekeeping of their documents.

To find out more about our long term storage services, call our Flemington office on 03 9376 5975.