Hints & tips

Helpful Storage Hints & Tips

The most important part about storing your goods is how they are packed.

Packing your goods in Boxes or Porta Robes and using Bubble Wrap and paper will maintain and protect your goods whilst in storage. Labelling all your boxes makes it easier when unpacking and remembering what was initially packed


Electrical Appliances/White Goods

Clean fridges and freezers thoroughly before storing and leave door ajar. A good idea is to use a deodoriser to keep fridges and freezers fresh. Electrical goods i.e. TV, Videos, Computers etc can be stored on top of furniture with a blanket or protective cover to help eliminate dust. Make sure cords are secure and not loose as this may cause damage if cords get caught.



Wardrobes, cupboards, tall boys etc should be empty for ease of lifting. This also minimises the chance of damage to goods when moving. Personal items should be stored in boxes using moth balls etc for added protection against any nasties.


Glassware/Paintings and Mirrors

Glassware is to be packed in boxes using either bubble wrap or newspaper. Wrap individually and do not squash together. It is most important to leave room at top of box for paper, so do not overfill. This will lessen your chances of breaking your most valuable possessions.

Mirrors, paintings, portraits etc should be wrapped in Bubble Wrap or alternatively a portrait box. You can put tape in a cross formation across the mirror to help prevent breaking. When storing the above, it should be standing up against wall of unit or furniture.


Domestic Machinery

Lawn mowers and other petrol equipment must be drained of petrol and oil as this is a fire hazard!


Using all the storage space

The way you pack your unit will determine on how much you can fit in. Heavy and large items should be packed first, and then you can stack on top of these. Heavy boxes go on floor and keep stacking on top of these to until you reach the height of your module. Packing in boxes will give you more stacking ability, whereas, using garbage bags will diminish your storing area as they are slippery and prone to breaking.

Heavy boxes go on floor and keep stacking on top of these, until you reach the height of your unit.


What Can Not Be Stored

Goods that are inflammable, explosive, illegal, harmful to others i.e. petrol, acid. chlorine is strictly prohibited and will result in heavy fines.

No food products are to be stored.