Self Storage Melbourne

Self Storage in Melbourne

Looking for self storage services in Melbourne? Citilinked Self Storage provides secure residential and commercial self storage for customers in the metropolitan area, with convenient storage facility situated in Flemington.

Organising your Secure Storage Unit

At the beginning of the self storage process, it is beneficial to first consider how to correctly pack your items into the unit.

There are four key things to remember when organising a secure storage unit at our Flemington facility:

  • Exercise care when storing – these are your personal belongings and there are measures you can take that will help protect them during their time at our facility.
  • Make sure that you can easily access all items that you have stored in the commercial self storage facility when you need them.
  • Label your boxes well for ease of storage and accessing items at a later date.
  • Self storage space unit sizes are determined by price, so you can save money by assessing what you have to store and planning to pack it efficiently – a smaller and well-packed unit will be a smaller cost than a larger one that is poorly organised.

Residential Self Storage

Whether you’re running out of room at your home or you’re moving to a new house, the residential self storage solutions at Citilinked Self Storage can help. We’re proud to offer short term and long term self storage rental for people who need to offload their furniture and belongings. Our personal storage units and personal storage lockers are designed to maintain optimal environmental conditions, preventing dust and moisture from causing damage. You can rest assured that your items are safe and secure in our residential personal storage in Melbourne.

Commercial Self Storage

  • Work out what you will need to access frequently and keep it at the front of your Flemington self storage unit.
  • In your space, fill anything that is hollow such as wardrobes, drawers, washing machines and fridges with small boxes and other items to maximise all available space.
  • Stack boxes and containers so that you can see the labels you stuck on them. Wedge the doors of all kitchen appliances open whilst in the storage space in our Melbourne facility to avoid bad odours and mildew building up.
  • Don’t store anything in the storage space facility that you’re not sure is vertically sturdy – if it is unstable, store it horizontally.
  • If you are concerned about the commercial self storage environment in the unit, put down moisture absorbers, deodorisers and vermin bait.

Self Storage Units in Melbourne

  • Our self storage units in Melbourne are cleaned prior to you moving in and covered with protective plastic sheeting.
  • If you’re storing heavy items or boxes, ask us for trolleys or other machinery you can use to avoid injury.
  • Store your largest items first, and if you’re stacking your unit high with boxes, always make sure to put the heaviest boxes at the bottom to avoid damage.
  • Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space, with all labels facing out.
  • Avoid leaning furniture against the outside walls.

Storage Space Calculator

The storage calculator is a handy tool to aid in the estimation of the storage required for storage space in our Flemington facility.

Simply fill in the table below and the calculator will give you the approximate self storage space you will require.

Important note: This is an approximate value only. Self storage services will depend on the actual sizes and types of goods you will need to store.

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Click here to access the space calculator.

There are also variations of self storage units in Melbourne we can offer – if you have questions, call our Flemington office on 03 9376 5975.