Secure Document Storage

Secure Offsite Document Storage

Though we’re very much in a digital age where many important documents are kept digitally rather than on paper and in a filing cabinet, the fact remains that hard copy documents do still exist and need to be carefully and securely stored. This applies to such fields as the banking and financial services industries, most government bodies, and health service providers, among many others. If you want to ensure you maintain legal document storage that’s compliant with Australian requirements, Citilinked offers secure offsite document storage in Richmond and Flemington that helps tidy up your workplace and provides you with easy access when you need it.

A Secure Document Storage Warehouse

Citilinked Self Storage is your trusted provider of commercial secured document storage in Melbourne. With facilities in Flemington and Richmond, we are able to offer:

  • Legal records storage
  • Financial record storage
  • Medical record storage
  • Plus other document storage services

Our trusted staff know how long your documents legally need to be kept before they can be destroyed, which is why we don’t dispose of any documents or files until we have your authorisation. Any time you need access to a particular hard copy file, we can access that for you from our secure document storage facility.

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